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Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast #107:

Yesterday Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast #107 was released! In this episode, Marc Morrell and your friendly neighborhood author of this web site talk with Lendy Tayag, whose LEGO Ideas Voltron model from Voltron: Defender of the Universe has been approved to be an actual licensed LEGO model, to be released sometime in 2018!

(This web site previously reported the LEGO announcement here: https://lionsandpilotsandbots.com/2017/08/03/lendy-tayags-lego-ideas-voltron-is-go/)

We also discuss the all-new Voltron Legendary Defender: The Paladin’s Handbook, which was released yesterday. (I will be reviewing the book on this website in the coming days.)

Finally, Marc and I spin through all seven episodes of the third season of Voltron Legendary Defender, sharing our thoughts about each episode.

You can listen to Let’s Voltron #107 at this link: https://letsvoltron.simplecast.fm/episodes/759439a0/lego-voltron-designer-lendy-tayag-season-3-review

Voltron: Legendary Defender on iTunes?

Fellow Voltron fan JC Baker, in the “Voltron Central” Facebook group, has reported finding the first two seasons of Voltron Legendary Defender on iTunes. Baker reported seeing each season available in standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) for $14.99.

It was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2017 that the program would soon be available through outlets such as Netflix.

Voltron Legendary Defender Lion Forge Comics Vol 2 Issue 1 Releasing October 4

After what have been described as production delays, the first issue of the second volume of Voltron Legendary Defender by Lion Forge Comics is now scheduled to reach comic book stores on October 4, 2017.

Like the excellent first, five-issue volume, this issue is written by TV series story editor Tim Hedrick and staff writer Mitch Iverson.

Source: https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/AUG171842

Special thanks go out to Mark Oliver for the news tip.

Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast #106: AJ LoCascio (Lotor), Voltron at SDCC 2017, VLD S3 Initial Reaction & More

Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast #106 will be released later today! This episode features an exclusive interview with AJ LoCascio (Prince Lotor from Voltron Legendary Defender), the conclusion of the podcast’s coverage of Voltron at San Diego Comic Con 2017 (with guest Shannon Muir), an initial reaction to the recently released third season of Voltron Legendary Defender (with three guests), and a surprise at the end!

Check out Let’s Voltron at: http://letsvoltron.com

Name Reference: Lotor’s Generals (Voltron Legendary Defender)

Here is a simple reference for the names of Lotor’s four generals from Voltron Legendary Defender. The generals were introduced during the program’s third season.

The spellings of the names are based on the English subtitles of the episodes. Pronunciations are based on how their names are pronounced in the episodes.

(Click the image to full it at full size.)

Third Season of Voltron: Legendary Defender Available on Netflix

At midnight Pacific Time, Netflix released the seven-episode third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender, and a six-episode fourth season of the series will be released in October.

In the second-season finale, Team Voltron leader Shiro disappeared during an intense battle against Emperor Zarkon, who was critically injured. In the final moments of the second season, Zarkon’s witch Haggar ordered the summoning of Prince Lotor.

On August 1, A trailer for the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender was released on DreamworksTV’s YouTube channel.

Source: http://www.comingsoon.net/tv/trailers/875635-netflix-debuts-voltron-legendary-defender-season-3-trailer#/slide/1